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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Birthday Wishes And DIY Dreams

For the past few years I have been assisting my good friend Joyce with her super birthday parties for her little one.  I wrote about last year's party on this post.  This year her baby girl turned three and there was no way her shindig would be anything less than fabulous.  Seems like my friend has been stepping up her DIY game, and of course I was happy enough to assist her with her party inspiration.   

Purchased backdrop and printed letters on banners and doily name.

Pinwheel banner, tissue paper pom poms, and lace ball lanterns.

Joyce's husband made the PVC pipe photo booth backdrop especially
for the big day.  How cute is that?
Of course a photo booth isn't complete without props from
Get Creative Juice.

Even though the dessert table had to be minimized because of
weather issues, as you can see it was huge in presentation.

This was one of my contributions to the super chic party, a DIY
initial frame made from cardboard.  More info to come!

Yummy cupcakes on embellished cupcake stands.

Rice Krispie pops with itty bitty flags.

Delicious homemade chocolate pops.

An activity table was available for a house full of children under the
age of eight.

Holy moly tissue paper piƱata!  Complete with a pull down wall.
No blindfolds and baseball bat required!

As you all can see, every decoration for the party were all handmade.  With careful pinning, time management (we were already talking about it in January), and budgeting my dear friend was able to pull off another wonderful party for her daughter that the children and adults enjoyed.  Of course the birthday girl was all smiles that day!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Branching Out Centerpieces

I take every chance to get creative at work.  These budget friendly centerpieces were made for a Chamber of Commerce event.  They were made from some branches, paper rosettes, plaster of paris, some decorative swirly things from the craft store, and fake grass.  I must say that they were perfect for the event.  I am hoping that there will be another time I can make these because rolling all of the paper flowers were actually relaxing, really.  I love that each one is unique and not two of them came out the same.  The lovely power of nature and a little bit of paper and glue.  These would be great for a wedding, shower, or for the home.  
rosette1 rosette2
rosette3 rosette4 rosette5 rosette6

Do something crafty, do something for others, do something positive.
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Stop! Grommet Time!

I recently purchased grommet pliers and some eyelets because I wanted to make something.  Mind you, this is the first time I have ever used this fancy tool.  Then, I was searching for some deals in the clearance section at a store and found a place mat that had a leather/knit/herringbone look to it.  Then, the perfect project came to mind!  A clutch!  I can't seem to get away from making more bags.  At least hubby approves of this one.
place mat preferably with two layers
grommet pliers
magnetic buttons
felt not pictured
hole punch not pictured
clip not pictured
I measured 7 inches for the bottom part of the clutch.
Marked half an inch from the edge and one inch apart for the holes.  The clip is to keep the place mat folded.
Punched the holes with the grommet tool.
Since the holes were too small for the grommets to go through, I found that using a hole punch also worked better.
Once one side is done, do the same for the other side of the clutch.
I also punched holes for the front flap, using the holes on the other side as markers.
Once the flap is closed, the grommets will match up.

Find the middle part of the flap and mark it with a pen.
I cut a slit between the two parts of the place mat and attached the flat part of the magnetic button.
I used some super duper glue to close up the slit.
I matched up the bigger button part with the flat part, marked it, and attached it on the body of the clutch.
I covered the metal parts that went through the clutch with a piece of felt to prevent it from scratching what I
will be putting inside.
I also made a brown clutch with gold grommets.

I'm pretty pleased with my place mat grommet clutch that I can't wait to make more!  

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Beetle Derby Hat

It's that time of the year again.  My work had their yearly fundraising event last week.  There was a fake horse race, fake money, and fake bets...and derby hats.  I wasn't planning on making one at all this year because it was a very busy week.  At the very last minute (the day before) I decided to make this Volkswagon Beetle hat for someone who loves it so much that their office is has anything and everything Volkswagen.  
beetle3 beetle4beetle5

My hat was a crowd favorite again this year, and won the prize for best women's hat.
I'm not sure which one I like better; this year or last year's hat.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

DIY Pillow Pet

Who doesn't want to take their pet with them everywhere?  This is a great way to bring your favorite animal in plush form to work or maybe vacation where our little friends are not always welcome...or it can just stay at home too as part of your home decor.  Plus, it's just a great way to put their cute mug on a pillow.  It may be verging on crazy, but I think it's just perfect for anyone who loves their pet(s).  I know I'm not the only one.
pet photo
iron on transfer paper
computer program and ink-jet printer
fabric: solid colored cottons or jerseys work well
needle & thread/sewing machine

I chose the best photo to use for my pillow and cropped it with a computer photo program.  Some may have options for printing on special paper like the photo transfer paper, if not I am sure you can just make sure that the photo fits when printed.  

Cut printed photo paper around the actual cropped photo.  You can certainly cut closer to the
photo if you choose.  It's definitely your preference.

Iron on the photo paper picture side down.  Make sure to read the directions for proper application!

After several minutes peel the back of the paper, and the photo is transferred onto the fabric.

Cut one inch around the photo.  Make sure to cut two pieces: front and back.

Time to sew.  You can just sew by hand or use a sewing machine which will certainly be
more sturdier.  The picture should be "sandwiched" in the middle before sewing both pieces together.

Make sure to leave an opening.  

Turn the pillow right side out, using the opening that was left unsewn then fill with polyfil to 
desired puffiness.

Darling's face is now on a pillow!

Here's Darling posing with her pillow.
As you can see the pillow version of Darling has a green tint to it.  It may be due to the ink in the printer.
Note to self: change photo to grayscale next time.
The pillow will be traveling on holiday with my aunt, and Darling will be staying with us.

I may end up making a pillow of each of the dogs in my family; some standing, sitting, many ideas.  

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

It's Good On Paper

Just because I can't afford an Hermes bag, doesn't mean I can't make one out of paper.  Go over to Hermes and make yourself a Heremes Jige Clasp yourself.  There's several designs to choose from, but since I couldn't stop with just one, I made four of them.  They're not that functional, well maybe a little handy container for receipts and coupons, but still cute.  

 hermes1 hermes2 hermes3 hermes01 hermescollage
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