Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Week In Pictures 26.0

1  Last week I suffered some serious cold/sinus achy stuff that pretty much left me non functioning for the latter part of the week.  I even missed a blogger meet-up which I'm pretty bummed about, but there's always next time!

2  I love when Happy's hair grows in and she starts to look like a furry bear!

3  So I'm sure that everyone knows that Sandy came and went.  I did a lot of prepping, shopping, worrying and after all of that - I needed some Oktoberfest.

4  Because there was a possibility of power outage, I used up some chicken and cooked a whole lot.  This was my husband's request.

5  I made some arroz caldo/rice porridge/congee.  Something my mom always made when the weather was bad or when someone was sick.  This is my ultimate comfort food.

6  Before the storm came, I went to my Mom's and visited her and the doggies.  This pup or should I say old man is the oldest of all of them but still very handsome. 

7  The naughtiest of the three of course didn't want to look at the camera.

8  The youngest of course and the cutie stood on his hind legs until he got some attention.

9  The day after the storm breakfast called for homemade multi grain waffles with vanilla and cinnamon.

Last but not least.. a picture the day after Sandy from my window.  The clouds looked ominous but the sun was trying to peek through.  I am thankful that my family and I made it through without any power outages or damage from fallen trees or high wind gusts.  Thanks to those who asked how things were and sent positive thoughts through Instagram and Twitter.  We were very lucky compared to others, and my thoughts go to those who were unable to stay in their homes, who lost their property due to flood or fires in Connecticut and the other surrounding states who were affected by the hurricane.  Some of us can go back to "normal" tomorrow but then there are those who will take a long time to regain their "normal".  

Friday, October 26, 2012

Try Them All

You may or may not know that I love mochi or anything mochi related as seen on my previous post.  I finally went to The Mochi Store that has various ice cream filled mochi - so tempting to try them all.  It's actually the perfect traveling dessert because the mochi outside keeps the ice cream from getting all over the place.  My favorite was the tiramisu.  Yum.  
After all of these food posts this week, I think I might need to get some work outs during the weekend!! Hope I get over this crappy cold.  Enjoy your weekend and if you're in the northeast like me, I'm crossing my fingers that "Sandy" doesn't get so bad.  

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hello My Name Is

I was pretty excited when I had the great opportunity to go to a Yelp Hartford Elite Squad event.  I took my plus one (hubby) with me and went over to Griff's Chicken Shack where Yelp Hartford had the Night of the Yelping Dead: Southern Comfort event.  Griff's famed chicken tenders [yelper mistake - didn't take pictures of the food!! argh!]  and their various of sauces from fiery hot to sweet and tangy was on the spotlight and it definitely was worth an encore.  While the portions were small, it was enough to want my husband and I to go back sometime in the future and try the "for real" portion.  There were also Halloweenie treats like cheesy spider bites and brownies decorated for the event.  Along with some refreshing libations perfect for the season -  they had some pear and apple hard ciders to try.  It was definitely a spooktacular event - even with zombie makeup artists and a caricaturist.  We didn't stay for the whole shindig because it was a weekday..yeah we're boring..haha However we did have a fun time and even met some cool people.  If you'd like to check out more pictures especially of some zombified Yelp Elites..check this out.  Yes, I did check in.

The sauces...sorry about the missing food pics!
gotta love freebies
fill in the blanks..

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sweet Camping

This past weekend my sister convinced me to go to the annual Cupcake Camp that was held at Bar in downtown New Haven.  If you're not sure what Cupcake Camp is, it's where all cupcake bakers - with or without a store front - can bring in cupcakes and "camp out" for two hours to share their sweet concoctions with everyone.  It is also a chance to donate for a great cause.  This year everyone was encouraged to donate to Closer to Free which is for Cancer research and patient care.  People signed up as a baker or taster, and this year my sister, husband, and I were tasters.  Amidst all of the tasting in two hours, tasters had the chance to vote for their favorite cupcake.  However, there were also judges who voted on other several categories.  Nevertheless, all three of us were up to our ears with cupcakes even though we didn't get to taste or even see all of them since we arrived an hour after the start time.  My sister and I shared all of the cupcakes, and it was still way too much for us.  We all definitely got a sugar rush in less than an hour.  It was a nice event for all lovers of cupcakes and sweets, tasters, bakers, on-lookers, and supporters.  My sister, being the baker in the family wants us to join next years camp.  It's a plan!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Week In Pictures 25.0

1  The week before last, I had the pleasure of having breakfast with Smita of Hogger & Co who happened to be in the area for the day.  It was a great way to start off my work week - thanks again Smita!  She took great photos of the little breakfast place we went to.  Check out her blog post!

2  Little penguin ornament prototype.  A possible etsy listing coming soon.

3  What is up with the sheer blouse?  I can't get enough of them.

4  My little Happy

5  It's definitely Fall around these parts.  

6  Cupcake Camp with my sister and husband.  We were up to our necks with cupcakes.

7  Went to the flea market on Saturday.  I was looking for a bar cart, but no dice.

8  Quick bite at Sonic.  Not the healthiest, but darn it - it was good.

9  Pumpkin pickin' time!

How was your week?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Happy Mail Day: September Correspondence Club

Just wanted you to check out what I got from my blogger friend which definitely put a smile on my face when I opened up the package.  This is my last month being Tracy's [Sunny Day and Starry Nights] Correspondence Club Partner.  Even though we are not CClub partners anymore, I think we will still continue to keep in touch.  Thanks Tracy!
blossom ribbon brooch and purple hair clip / seahorse stationery
pink bracelets / handmade heart plush ornament
This is what I packed up to go to Kentucky.  I was extremely excited about the talking mustache because it says "Well hello there" when the little button is pushed.  Also it wouldn't be a package from me if it didn't have something crocheted or at least handmade.  In this case I've made Tracy a lightweight cowl perfect for the transitioning weather and also a little crocheted cupcake ornament.  I hope her package brightened up her day as much as her package did for me when I got it. 
I made Tracy a lightweight cowl made of gauzy yarn / handmade cupcake ornament by me
mustache key chain that says "well hello there" with a push of a button / lemon and dela chic stationery 

Starting this month, everyone who has signed up to participate in Nenna's Star Crossed Smile Correspondence Club will have a new partner.  If you want to try it and have a happy mail day too, go contact Nnenna and check out the what the Correspondence Club is all about.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Week In Pictures 24.0

1  I've been having a tough time getting ready in the AM lately.  
Nothing to wear with a closet full of clothes.  My husband would shake his head.

2  An apple a day....

3  I like to try to eat healthy, but you had me at cheese.

4  My aunt's dog went back.  She was with us for three months.  We'll miss Darling.

5  Went to Hanyang Mart in Korea Town and spotted this.  I grew up on Spam.  Don't judge.

6  Not sure if Happy is feeling lonely with all our doggie friends back home.  She's solo again.

7  Because we have a tough time leaving her now that she's by herself, 
we thought we'd take her for a drive.

8  Mochi time.

9  Who would have thought that I would like jogging. 
My gadget tells me that I've been active for five weeks.  Hurrah!

How was your week?

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Thrifting With Bloggers

Last minute plans are great when they work out, don't they?  This past weekend Lydia of Chic on the Cheap, Megan of Closet Fashionista, and I decided to go check out some of the great places in Lydia's neck of the woods.  She took us first to an awesome consignment shop (named after a cute little doggie) named Coco's on the Green.  It was a great little store that had quality name brand pieces not to mention their tent sale in the back of the building.  Surprisingly out of all the racks and racks in the store, a black Ann Taylor tote caught my eye.  I resisted from buying it because seriously, do I need another black bag?!  I can't even tell you how many I have.  Go ask my husband.  No, actually don't.  We then ventured off to SARAH's Cupboard Thrift Shop and it was filled with everything that you can think of.  I was very close to purchasing a beer stein.  Very close.  I'm sad that I didn't take a picture of it since I was holding on to it inside the store for most of the time we were there.
the black tote bag that I was eyeing; blue tag deal heels
halloween decor at the last stop; cute downtown area
Then on our final and last stop, I finally found something to buy! Practically new Nine West heels that were half priced because it was a "blue tag day"!  Holler!  Lydia found some very bold leopard print pants that were also blue tagged.  It so happens that we were such big spenders that we both spent nine bucks plus tax on our purchases.  Megan didn't buy anything but she did spot several pieces that were very drool worthy such as an Hermes scarf and Prada ankle boots.  
Of course a day with these ladies would not be complete without a little photo shoot thanks to Lydia for always being so prepared with her handy tripod and camera.   
jacket: H&M (old)
blouse: Olive & Oak
jeans: Vigoss
bag: Perlina
loafers: Candies
Yes, that's me.
Lydia of Chic on the Cheap
Megan of Closet Fashionista
Megan and I ready to pose.
Lydia, Meg, and I
We tried a "jumping" it didn't quite work out.  Spirit fingers anyone?!
Ok this one worked better...for Megan who is definitely off the ground!
After three stores, and a little photo shoot we all decided to have a bite to eat at Donovan's Reef where they had a tasty selection for dinner.  It was a tough call.  Megan and I both had the fish n' chips and Lydia had the mashed potato truffle pizza (I'm ordering that next time).  And last but not least we stopped at Ashley's (the best ice cream in my opinion) to end the day.
It's always fun to hang out with these ladies.  Hurrah to last minute shopping trips and to future meet-ups.  Thanks to Lydia for taking us on a little tour of her part of CT.  It's nice to visit places that I don't really go to, especially with someone who knows the area.  Check out Lydia's and Megan's blogs for their write up of our meet-up!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Week In Pictures 23.0

1  Started off the week with the blazer I've been wanting to wear for a long time.  

2  I made the chili, and my husband made his this way.  Cheez-its and all!

3  Black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow.

4  Discovered ELF naiplolish for $2 at Target! Can't beat that!

5  New magenta skirt.

6  Waiting for my iPod to charge before a jog.

7  Blue pants.

8  Returned the Sportband and upgraded to the Sportwatch.  These little gadgets keep me motivated.

9  While at the Nike store, hubby and I spotted the Manny Pacquiao hat.

How was your week?
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