Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Vacation Dreaming

It's that time of the year.  The school year is winding down to an end.  Every one's talking about their vacations and get-aways.  Unfortunately my husband and I don't have anything planned.  I am hoping to at least have a long weekend away out of state.  I'm at the point where I find myself daydreaming about an all inclusive trip or a cruise to an island.  Crossing my fingers that it will happen at least before the end of the year.  At least I can plan outfits in my head for when that time comes.
vacation dreaming

DKNY / A|X Armani Exchange beach shoes / Chloé Mare oversized beach bag / Mango spiral bracelet, $23 / J.Crew nautical jewelry / J.Crew lens case

How about you? Are you going on holiday this summer?  Any trips to a far far away place? 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Birthday Wishes And DIY Dreams

For the past few years I have been assisting my good friend Joyce with her super birthday parties for her little one.  I wrote about last year's party on this post.  This year her baby girl turned three and there was no way her shindig would be anything less than fabulous.  Seems like my friend has been stepping up her DIY game, and of course I was happy enough to assist her with her party inspiration.   

Purchased backdrop and printed letters on banners and doily name.

Pinwheel banner, tissue paper pom poms, and lace ball lanterns.

Joyce's husband made the PVC pipe photo booth backdrop especially
for the big day.  How cute is that?
Of course a photo booth isn't complete without props from
Get Creative Juice.

Even though the dessert table had to be minimized because of
weather issues, as you can see it was huge in presentation.

This was one of my contributions to the super chic party, a DIY
initial frame made from cardboard.  More info to come!

Yummy cupcakes on embellished cupcake stands.

Rice Krispie pops with itty bitty flags.

Delicious homemade chocolate pops.

An activity table was available for a house full of children under the
age of eight.

Holy moly tissue paper piñata!  Complete with a pull down wall.
No blindfolds and baseball bat required!

As you all can see, every decoration for the party were all handmade.  With careful pinning, time management (we were already talking about it in January), and budgeting my dear friend was able to pull off another wonderful party for her daughter that the children and adults enjoyed.  Of course the birthday girl was all smiles that day!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Week(s) In Pictures 55.0

It's been a while since I've posted.  Honestly, I just needed a little break.  It's going to be a little busy over here on this corner of the world for me for a while, so bare with me.  Thanks for stopping by!

1  Found some mustache gift wrapper.  What else won't they put mustaches on??!  No, I didn't purchase it since I couldn't justify spending money on mustache paper.

2  Another blogger meet-up with some favorite ladies at the Chowder Pot!

3 Drove down to Jersey for a splendid birthday for a three year old.

4 & 5  DIY frame for the birthday party.  More photos to come.

6  Meeting up with Lydia and Megan is always eventful, in addition to the photo shoot.

7 & 8 Happy got her haircut and I wanted to make sure she got her #OOTD's in!

9  This is hands down my favorite year round Italian pastry.  Do you know what it's called?

Hope you all had a wonderful week!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cupcakes and Cookies Oh My!

Before my sister's graduation last week, I was in search of something "sweet" to give her after the big ceremony that was something different from flowers.  Since I was in the neighborhood I stopped by Sugar Bakery to see what they had.  Plus, I can't resist stopping by to see all of the delicious cupcake flavors that they change on a daily basis.  I definitely came home with a huge bag filled with treats after my visit. 

Besides the celebratory cookies for my sister, I also came home with four cupcakes for my husband: chocolate & peanut butter, chocolate mint, boston cream, and banana.  Ok, I tasted one or two to make sure they were good.  Really.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Week In Pictures 54.0

1  Since Happy got groomed last week, I forgot how much she loves wearing clothes.  Yes, she loves to wear clothes and gets very excited about it.  I started posted her "outfits of the day" on Instagram almost every day.  Yes, I'm one of those people.

2  I love love love my new coral blouse from Cinderella's Attic.  The color definitely puts me in a good mood early in the day.

3 My new glasses arrived from Firmoo, you guys.  I am so thrilled that I picked well.  I think I'm getting good at ordering prescription glasses online that I might just order another.  HAH!  So what if I have four pairs of glasses right now?

4  I read about the invasion of the enormous snails in Texas.  All I kept thinking is "what the heck is going on?".  The 17 year cicadas are coming to the northeast and then there's huge snails in Texas?!  

5  Went to a bakery and I was definitely feeling this statement - keep calm and eat a cupcake.  I was having one of "those days".

6 & 7  Sneak peak of a few projects that I have on deck for an upcoming shindig.  I will just say that it is a Pinterest dream come true.

8 & 9  This past weekend my younger sister graduated nursing school.  I had a big sister moment, and I couldn't be more proud to see my sibling accomplish her goal after sixteen months (straight) of hard work and dedication.  Great job Marie!  You're an inspiration!

How was your week?

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thrift Tour: All Mixed Up

Last weekend I had the pleasure of having back to back meet ups with Lydia and Megan. We've found that last minute planning always works for us for whatever reason. We ended up at our favorite place to go for great deals, Coco's of Madison. Since it was closing it's doors, everything was $5.00. Yes, you read right.  How in our right minds could we pass that up? We made sure to get there right when the doors opened to make sure that we beat the crowds and to get first dibs on some affordable designer pieces. After trying on a leather/tulle Dolce & Gabbana skirt that sadly had a broken zipper, among other items I was scrambling desperately to find SOMETHING!! I walked around several times, until I ended up taking home a pair of taupe slingback Seychelle's platform sandals. Phew! I was having one of those days where  I would've hated to go home empty handed.  Even though the store was closing, we can still visit their sister store Coco's on the Green.

Lydia then led our group to a new to us store called Cinderella's Attic. It will definitely be one of our places to hit when we get together, I can tell. They had a great selection of clothing and some surprising clearance items that were sadly not any of our shoe sizes. I was very content with not purchasing anything after trying on several things, when I found the most perfect orange/coral button down blouse. Why is it that I find things just when I'm about to leave?
Megan checking out what's good for lunch.
Megan and Lydia making sure the photos are just right.
We then headed to the next town over in Guilford for lunch. Of course a day with these gals is not complete without outfit photos.  These were all taken by our lovely photographer, Lydia.
top: tjmaxx / cardigan: merona / jeans: f21 / shoes: nordstrom rack
bracelets: alex & ani / rings: peter indorf / midi ring: urban outfitters

  Our last stop was supposed to be TJMaxx. For whatever reason Megan and I ended up at a different location than Lydia, at least four towns apart so we had to cut our meet up short. That's ok though, because I'm sure that the next time we do one of our meet ups slash budget friendly shopping tours we will be more planful...right? Maybe? Oh heck, who am I kidding.

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sunny Days Lead to Flushing

This past weekend my husband and I took my mother in law to Flushing, Queens for a little road trip.  It's been a while since we've driven there, so we took advantage of the beautiful weather (despite super allergies).  We always debate whether or not to try a new Korean barbecue restaurant, but no matter what we end up at the same place; small and quaint but the food is consistently delicious. 
Getting the grill ready and some of the side dishes.
The usual kim chi side dish.  Cannot be missed.
After our (huge) meal, we decided to walk a few blocks to see some of the shops and restaurants in the area.  Definitely a good way to wake up.  When we thought we were "up to here" with food, we stumbled upon a little cute Korean bakery that had an overwhelming amount of pastries, breads, cakes, and donuts galore.  It was way too good to pass up.
Me with my tray
Danishes and donuts
Not sure what they are, but they're cute and tiny and look decadent.
Gluten free treats dripped in chocolate
Can't resist some chocolate bread
A box full of treats
After gawking at all of the pastries and goodies at the bakery, we bought a few (ok, a box full) to take home to try.  We then went to the Korean grocery store where my mother in law bought her groceries that she wouldn't be able to easily find back home.  
With the trunk full of groceries and pastries, we headed back to Connecticut...and traffic. Yay.
All in a day's trip to (Queens) New York.

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Monday, May 6, 2013

Week In Pictures 53.0

1  Spring is definitely in the air, so it was definitely time to bring out the colored pants.

2  I am trying to get my gold card...I still have a long way to go!

3  It was a nice surprise to get snail mail from Tracy of Sunny Days and Starry Nights.

4 & 5 Happy's before and after photo.  It always amazes me how different she looks; from poofy bear to little miss prissy.

6  Here's happy with just some of her best doggie buds; Soda and Darling.

7  A trip to Korea Town in Queens led us to this amazing bakery.  Chocolate Bread? Oh yes.

8  Our little family photo.

9  United Way sent me a voucher for two free ice creams at a local ice cream shop for donating.   
Thanks United Way, it was a sweet treat.

How was your week?
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Friday, May 3, 2013


I don't know about you, but I'm definitely not a morning person.  Even though I have a routine, it takes me forever to get things done and moving until I've had some caffeine.  A part of that routine is eating breakfast.  They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and as far as I am concerned "they" are right.  Since I have to have something in the morning or else the rest of my day is shot.  One of my most recent recipe finds is making egg white muffins that could be made ahead and eaten during the week.  Thanks to Shana of ColorBlind for making up this very easy recipe which could be recreated with different toppings, and instead of egg whites it can certainly be made with whole eggs.  My hubby was all for it, so I made it a point to make sure I made a pan for him and another for me.  Here's how it went.
We picked the veggies: tomatoes, green pepper, onion, zucchini.
I sauted the veggies since we wanted to make sure that the onions didn't have such a strong taste.
Once the veggies were cooked but still with some crunch, I added my spice: Mrs. Dash.
The pan was sprayed with Pam, added the veggies in each tin making sure each had the same amount.
Baked it.
And voila!  Ready made little egg muffins for the week. 
I like to have mine on a whole wheat english muffin, shredded cheese, and salsa.
Just pop one or two in the microwave and breakfast is done.  One less thing for me to worry about in the AM.  Plus, I like it since it adds variety during the week.  Are you a morning person?  Do you eat breakfast?  Would this be something you'd try?
Hope you all have a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Green

Last minute plans always work out well especially when hanging out with Lydia and Megan.  We had some delicious pizza and you know, a few outfit photos at the green since the sun was still out.  After pizza, we did some window shopping (and maybe picked up a few little things) and some ice cream!

[I'm not sure if you know how much I love Modern Apizza.  A lot....ever since I had one of my birthdays there in high school.  We go way back.  I am excited anytime I have a chance to have some eggplant pizza, even though the parking in the area is just painful.  Just a little note: Adam Richman of Man vs. Food did a segment there when he aired a show about New Haven, and he tweeted back to me!]
New Haven - Christine-8
shirt: zac & rachel / jeans: vigoss / watch: fossil / necklace: elizajaycharm
New Haven - Christine-5
leather cuff: tjmaxx
New Haven - Christine
studded heels: steve madden
New Haven - Christine-1
bag: plato's closet
Photos courtesy of Lydia
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