Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Grown Up Friendship Bracelets

I was at Target a month ago and saw this pretty necklace displayed in the jewelry section of the store.  Not sure how much it was, but I don't think I had the urge to purchase it.  However, if you know me very well, you know that I would definitely say "hmm, I could make that".  

Things I had handy: rope, glue, jewelry making tools, scissors, end caps, chain, embroidery floss, clasp and wire not pictured

I started with my project and it reminded me of the time when I used to make friendship bracelets with embroidery floss.  I know that most of you remember that.  I still see a lot of people wearing them too.  I decided that instead of making a necklace, I wanted to make a "grown up friendship bracelet".  It just so happens that I had everything I needed.

 I'm pretty pleased with how it came out.  I am kind of disappointed how the ends got messy with the glue.

My end result.  These will be added to my bracelet collection.
Have you ever been to a store and said..."hmm I can make that" and ended up making something the same or similar at home?  What was it?  Do share.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Week In Pictures 9.0

1  My husband gathered all of our old cell phones in the house to donate.  Crazy how much technology has changed over the past few years.  I remember my first ever cellphone with the pull out antennae.

2  So when the show Thirty Something was one of the television series to watch, I don't think I was allowed to watch it.  I found this at the dollar store during the week.  I thought that I would be able to relate to it better now.  The whole first season for a buck!! Can't beat that. 

3  Someone needed some lobster claws.  Made these out of felt, elastic, and some easy hand stitching.

4  Forgot about these sequined black flats.  I really do have a lot of black flats.  Thankfully each pair is different from the other...besides the color.

5  I wore my striped knit dress with a chambray shirt and a yellow belt.  I don't know how to dress for the weather we've been having in CT lately.  Hot, then chilly, muggy, sprinkling of rain, then thunderstorm.  Go figure. 

6  Started my weekend early on Friday.  My husband and I had lunch at my favorite restaurant.  What's a Mexican meal without Modelo Especial?!

7  I've been seeing and hearing about Talenti Gelato all over the social networks recently, specifically on Instagram.  I finally remembered to get it at Target.  It definitely is what everyone said...so good!! Especially this particular flavor.  If you haven't tried it, you need to.

8  My husband picked this flavor.  I wasn't a big fan.  I definitely liked the sea salt caramel much better.  Let me know if you try either one, or different flavors.  I'd like to know what you think.

9  Went to Nordstrom Rack and found these Sam Edelman loafers with spikes.  It was one of the most comfortable shoes I've ever tried on.  Kind of weird since they have spikes, but really they were like buttah!!  Unfortunately I didn't buy them since they were a wee over my budget.

Hope you all had a wonderful week!!  

Friday, May 25, 2012

Saoco Time

Exactly a week ago, my very good friend and I wanted to hang out for happy hour.
We decided to go somewhere we've never been to, but was close to where we lived.
Both craving for some good comfort food and some adult beverages after a long work week,
we ended up going to a Columbian/Spanish Restaurant called Saoco
[means "something outstanding" or it could also mean a specific beverage].
My friend and I were so happy that we went to this "new to us" restaurant.  We were both so pleased with the food, the drinks, dessert, atmosphere, and service.  When everything is excellent, the whole experience makes it more memorable!  It also means that we order one more extra drink.

The empanadas were yummy and crispy filled with potatoes and spicy beef.  It was served with spicy hot sauce, which I could really drink because it was THAT good.

The platter of chicaron, platano, and arepa were good too with the spicy sauce.  This is not for the faint of heart or for those counting calories because chicharon is practically a thick slab of bacon fried.  Not something I eat all the time, but I do enjoy it when I do.  No judging folks!

My friend and I ordered garlic chicken and shrimp.  Super flavorful and delicious.  Served with beans and white rice.  Have to have both when eating Spanish food!

We ordered passion fruit and mango mojitos.  It was TOO GOOD.  We had one of each.
Tres leches.  If you don't know what it is, look it up.  You'll want one ASAP!

My friend and I pretty much stayed at the restaurant for a few hours.  We lost track chatting but most of all enjoying our experience at Saoco.  We plan on going back to try the other dishes in the menu and we already can't wait!

Since this weekend is a long weekend, I plan on relaxing and enjoying the extra day off.
I hope you all enjoy your weekend!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Letter and Number Photo Collage

My friend asked me to make a photo collage that she found on Pinterest for her daughter's second birthday party.  Of course, I quickly obliged and went ahead for it.  It was quite an easy project.  The toughest part was picking the pictures to put in!  It's a lot of fun, and a great way to show party guests so many different milestones and different events of the birthday celebrant.
poster board
sharp scissors
photos (can be different sizes but I used wallet size photos)
box cutter (optional)
tape or glue dots
 Draw your block number or letter on the poster board.
It doesn't have to be perfect because that can be fixed with moving around the pictures.
 Arrange the photos on the number/letter that you've cut out.
The curves can be tricky, but just stack them like a staircase pattern.  It will work out.

Completed letter "C".
Completed number "2".

A ribbon was attached on the back with packing tape.
Et Voila!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Party it Up Sesame Street Style

Can you tell me how to get...how to get to Sesame Street?
C is for cookie...ok let me stop right there.
You may know already that this past weekend was my college friend's daughter's birthday party and the theme was, you guessed it...Sesame Street.  My friend Joyce was full of ideas that she's gathered and has thrown one fabulous birthday party fit for little toddlers and their parents.  She put together everything from the signs, decorations, to favors that all had the Sesame Street theme.  And she had the birthday girl do a few outfit changes as well!! I always love a great party with good food, creative decor, and lovely company!
Personalized banner with the Sesame Street characters & paper fan/wheels.
I guess the celebrant likes her sign?  What do you think?
Centerpieces filled with yummy treats.  I wanted that huge cookie so bad.
Number photo collage for the two year old.
Letter photo collage of the celebrant.
Thank you goodies.  Do you see the the ginormous marshmallow?!
The birthday celebrant checking out her very own street sign.
Tissue paper pom pom characters.  
A birthday party isn't complete without sweet treats!
Party favors with street sign stickers.
Handmade street sign outside by the poster.
Happy Birthday pretty girl!
I'm so lucky to have such crafty and creative friends with fabulous party ideas who let me make stuff for them!!
Thanks for inviting me Joyce!  It was a fabulous party, as always!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sign Says: Sesame Street

My friend Joyce was planning a birthday party for her two year old.  She told me about it about two months ago and we texted back and forth about her theme's details.  Her daughter loves Elmo from Sesame Street but wanted the party itself to be more colorful instead of one colored theme, so she decided on having a Sesame Street party for her little toddler.  As a crafter,  I thought what is a Sesame Street party without the iconic lamp post??  With some cardboard from boxes, duck tape (I love colored duck tape!), a styrofoam ball and some plaster of paris, I made a personalized street sign for the little one's celebration.  Did I already mention that I love duck tape?!

Did I mention that I love duck tape?

Monday, May 21, 2012

Week in Pictures 8.0

1  I don't think a week is complete without wearing stripes these days.

2  I think I'm in love with duck tape especially now that it comes in so many different colors and fun patterns.

3 New to me pair of shoes from Auntie's Vintage Boutique.

4  Wore my bright green Old Navy dress during the weekend.  Perfect for the (finally) sunny weather.

5 Starbucks iced coffee - I treated myself.

6 We got a new ride.  I've always wanted a black car.  I can finally say I have one.

7 I've been obsessed with strawberries lately.  

8 Made some beaded bracelets.  

9 Big project last week for the birthday party that I went to.  Will be posted soon!

How was your week?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Granny Wardrobe Challenge

I was asked by Tori of My Thrifty Chic to do a Wardrobe Challenge: Granny Re-do.  First and foremost, if you like to be stylish and budget friendly then you want to keep up with Tori's blog which is full of outfit and fashion posts that won't hurt your wallet at all.  One of my favorite features in her blog is her outfit posts where almost everything she wears comes from a second hand store or thrift shop.  I think that's amazing.  That takes a lot of time, patience, and an "eye" for key pieces.  I'd love to go shopping with her one day!
The granny re-do challenge: get something from your grandmother's closet (or something vintage and thrifted) and re-make it into something modern.  I do not consider myself a fashion blogger at all, however, I do love fashion; clothes, shoes, accessories, you name it.  Needless to say I accepted the challenge, and took the opportunity to use my newly discovered sewing skills to make a dress from two different vintage shirts that I bought from the Goodwill and Salvation Army.  You might recognize one of the shirts from my thrift tour post.  Please take the time to check out what my other fellow bloggers did for this wardrobe challenge!

I cut off the top part of the orange shirt and attached the bottom half to the bottom of the cream shirt.  I took in a few inches on both sides and then ended up with my very own color block dress that looks very similar to those seen in magazines.  I'm quite pleased with my end result.  Mission accomplished.
Franco Sarto leopard print pumps
Thrifted clutch / F21 feather necklace
L Chico's bracelet, thrifted mesh ring/ R Nordstrom BP owl ring, Target watch

Check out these fashionable ladies who participated in the Granny Re-Do Challenge:

Top Left: Katie from - Hems for Her
Top Center: [ME] Christine from - Dela Chic 
Top Right: Kari from - Style at a Steal 
Bottom Left: Melissa from - The Key to Chic 
Bottom Middle: Tori from - My Thrifty Chic 
Bottom Right: Megan from - The Frugalista Diaries

Thanks so much Tori for the opportunity to do the wardrobe challenge! I had a lot of fun with it.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Liking Leopard Print

  Now that I started sewing, I thought that the next perfect accessory project was making a leopard print clutch.  I found a new fabric store close by that's not the usual chain store.  It's the type of store that you have to look at every bolt of fabric since it's not quite organized.  That's ok because it's worth the affordable price!! So anyway, I bought some leopard print fabric and I happened to have some solid print canvas handy (yea I have canvas fabric handy, so what?).  I also thought that these would be perfect blogger meet up gifts for my girls: Lydia, Megan, and Courtney who've pretty much somehow influenced my liking to leopard print.
Just in case you want to know:
Shirt: F21
Skirt: thrifted
Plastic antler necklace: Grime
Bracelet: gift
Ring: thrifted
Clutch: My DIY

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Blogger Dinner Date

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting up again with my blogger friends Courtney, Lydia, and Megan.  It took a while for our schedules to sync, but we finally decided on a date and a time that worked for everyone.  Plus, it's always nice to go out after the work week is over.  We caught up from our last meet up over yummy seafood dinners and some libations.  It's always nice to chat about blogging with other bloggers face to face, laughing it up over silly things, and discussing new endeavors.  Cheers to successful blogger meet ups!
One of the best seafood places by the shoreline.
Close up of my Pinot Grigio
We clink to blogger meet ups! 
Yummy dinner: broiled scrod.

After dinner, we decided to head down to a local coffee shop for dessert and coffee and to change the scenery.  I really wished that I brought my camera with my because it was such a nice area of town that I haven't been to.  So cute and quaint.  I'll have better pictures next time.
Dessert at Common Ground even better with an iced latte.
Brought home a peanut butter cupcake for the husband.
Here's what the other ladies posted about our dinner date:
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