Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fab Finds at the Thrift Store

I've recently started going back to second hand/thrift stores again, but now with a little more experience under my belt.  I would like to think that I'm a little bit more picky now than when I was in high school when it comes to thrifting.  So far these have been my haul for three different trips:

Trip 1
Silk scarf / Lord & Taylor skirt
Silk blouse / Leather clutch and handbag

Trip 2
Enya & B52's CDs / Silk cream blouse
Royal purple skirt / Nut dish with silver handle (used for my jewelry)

Trip 3: I saved the best for last.  My fab find from my latest thrift store trip; blush colored Zara pumps with two inch heels.  Please feel my pain and disappointment when I tell you that they were a whole size too small!  Darn!  I really didn't want to let them go.  I walked around the store holding them.  Up and down the aisle contemplating.  Who would appreciate this treasure??  After a quick text to my best friend Latrina, these babies will be going home to her in a few days!!

Getting something that would usually costs way more and shelling out less than ten dollars is definitely thrilling.  Plus, certain days are 50 percent off.  Hello?? Score!  Not going more than once a week can get tricky because who knows what will be at the store on a certain day, right?  Do you buy second-hand?  What are your favorite stores?  What is your favorite thrift find?


Monday, February 27, 2012

My Blind Date With Three Bloggers

After blogging for a few months, I've noticed that there's such a huge blogging community in the major cities like Boston and New York.  Well, howcome we don't have one here in Connecticut?!  Finally, after a few tweeting amongst a few bloggers, we set a date to meet up this past weekend.
First and foremost, I love making things for people.  I thought what perfect way to intro myself with a blogger goodie bag!  I was thinking like a swag bag like at those fancy parties.  Of course I had to personalize it with each blog's header picture.  I added a few cutesy things in it as well.  I had a lot of fun with this project.
little pastry erasers, notebooks, cupcake sticky notepad, and my dela chicly owl ornaments from my etsy shop
tumbler cozies with customized blog header for each fashionable lady along with a tumbler perfect for a hot or cold drink

So the day came for the brunch with the ladies.  I was excited and nervous at the same time.  It was like three blind dates at once!! All three ladies have already met each other from a previous meet up, and I was the newbie blogger.  

It was a wonderful brunch with the ladies filled with rainbows, eggs benedicts, french toast, and of course mimosas!  We chatted about fashion, shopping, food, and of course blogging.

In true blogger fashion, there was a photo shoot at the beach.  The February temperature outside and the wind gust made it a little difficult to take pictures.  However, you wouldn't know that by looking at the pictures of these lovely ladies!

Lydia of Chic on the Cheap

Courtney of Sartorial Sidelines

Me (thank you ladies for taking great pics and inspired me to do my flashdance/spirit fingers pose!)

Megan of Closet  Fashionista, Lydia of Chic on the Cheap, Courtney of Sartorial Sidelines
and me DelaChic

After a fabulous day with these wonderful ladies of brunching and shopping we hope that there will be more blogger meet-ups in the future.  Next time maybe other local bloggers can join us as well.  It was definitely a great experience and everyone had an awesome time!

Check out what the ladies blogged about that day:

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Just Get a Few Things

Stopped by the Korean store in town to pick up a few things for a special lunch with the family.  One thing I learned is that when making Korean food is that it takes some preparation and having ALL of the ingredients is a must if you want it to turn out exactly to your preference.  Plus, what's a trip to the store without pictures??

Snacks, snacks, and more snacks! Wasabi peas anyone??

Sweet cookies and cakes.  Choco-Pie is the favorite in our home.

Wall of ramen.  From spicy to soybean to curry to seafood.  They're all there.

Korean sushi called kim bap or gim bap made fresh by the store owner.  
I regretted only getting one package when I got home.  It was so good!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Ella's Adventures

Not too long ago, I said goodbye to Ella the Elephant as she went on her way to live with my friend, Rina.  I knew that she would take good care of Ella, and bring her to fabulous adventures.  Well, Rina came back from her cruise along with her pictures of Ella's shenanigans.   Thanks to Rina for sharing her pictures. Hopefully we will see more of Ella and Rina's travels!

On the train en route to NYC / In front of the Empire State Building / Leaving on a jet plane

Checking on the Caribbean cruise itinerary / Playing hide and seek / Balancing act

Getting ready for formal night / Meeting new friends / Towel hearts and mints are the best

**all pictures were taken by Rina A.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

For the Ears: The Hot Music

I've been listening to The Roots ever since they came out in 1995 and have been a fan ever since.  I've seen them in concert several times and they've never failed to impress me.  I'm so glad that they've withstood time and have evolved as a music group but keep what makes them different from everyone else.  Plus, I am a huge Questlove fan!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February Photo Challenge Part 2

Day 10: Self portrait / Day 11: Makes you happy / Day 12: Inside your closet
Day 13: Blue / Day 14: Heart / Day 15: Phone
Day 16: Something new / Day 17: Time / Day 18: Drink

Monday, February 20, 2012

Vintage? Yes, Please!

I love finding treasures.  I love finding something that has a lot of meaning.  I love it more when it fits me!
My aunt sometimes de-clutters her closet, and luckily I happen to be the same shoe size as her!

Hand me down score!  Joan and David flats from late 1980's or 1990's.

It needs a little cleaning.

Definitely a score when it's free and it fits! YAY!

Now this one is definitely a treasure that used to be one of my aunts.
It was hand sewn by my great aunt who was an impeccable seamstress.
I found this in my Mama's basement a long time ago and kept it until I could fit it.

This is one serious smocking that no machine can make.

After some minor alterations made by my Ma, this beautiful dress finally fits me!

Yep, I was so excited to wear this!

I have no shame in getting hand-me-down items.  My "new to me" dress means a lot since it was made by my great grandmother, and will wear it proudly.  Have you ever gotten anything from someone in your family that you currently wear?  Old is the new "new"!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Just Because

Valentine's Day was this past week.  How did you show or tell someone you love them?  My husband and I are not too into the holiday.  Like I said in my earlier post, not everyone is.  We kept it simple.  I did go out of my way for the older folks in my life.  Just because.

Lover Duckies not for hubby but I got them for my aunt and uncle! HAH!

Made the husband his fave - banana bread.

My lovely card from my husband.  He knows me so well.

Valentines made by my cousin's three year old!!  She's already a D.I.Y. girl!

A photo shoot of my lovely pup, Happy.

Friday, February 17, 2012

February Photo Challenge Part 1

Day 1: Your view today / Day 2: Words / Day 3: Hands
Day 4: Strangers / Day 5: 10AM / Day 6: Dinner
Day 7: Button / Day 8: Sun / Day 9: Front door 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Instagram: February Photo Challenge

I really enjoyed doing the January Photo Challenge on Instagram last month.  It was fun, but it got a little difficult to catch up on days where I got sidetracked with other things during the work week.  I still managed to catch up during the weekends though.  I already started this month's challenge, which is just as fun.  If you like taking pictures with a point and shoot, DSLR, or with a camera phone I suggest trying it.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Do You Hook? Obey Crochet Wants You!

Image Source: Obey Crochet

If you like to crochet, you have to check out Obey Crochet.  This is a must!  Stephanie is the mastermind behind this website, and she does an amazing job drawing and writing about things that us crocheters often think.  Her witty drawings are "off the hook"!  If you're a crocheter, you'll get it.  Plus, she has an online shop with her fabulous drawings on t-shirts and bags for that serious yarn lover.  Which by the way, one of the bags was recently featured in the March 2012 Crochet Today Magazine.  If you follow on Twitter or like her page on Facebook, you might catch her at the right time when she's giving away some Obey Crochet temporary tattoos or buttons.  Score!

Whether you like to crochet, dabble, live it, and/or breathe it there's a wall for us in Obey Crochet Hooktopia.  For more information on how you'd like to be on the wall among the famous "hookers" please click HERE

This is the collage of photos I sent.  I wanted to go all out, can you tell?
I was pretty much channeling my inner Madonna/Lady Gaga.
"can't read my, can't ready my, crochet face"

I wonder if it's too late to send this in?

 I hope that you get to check out the page or say HI to Stephanie because she is one pretty cool chick! Crochet 4 Life!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Dela Chicky Hearts You

There are some of us who have been planning for a special Valentine's Day a month ago.  Some may be having heart palpitations on their way to the nearest pharmacy or grocery store for last minute shopping.  Some may just think that it's just another day.  Doesn't matter where you stand about Valentine's Day, say or show that you love to somebody!  It shouldn't take Valentine's Day to say or show those three words either.  Whether or not you celebrate Valentine's day... Dela Chicky hearts YOU all day every day!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Let's Go to the Market!

Went to my favorite Vietnamese restaurant last weekend with my Ma and my aunt.  Of course we went to the Asian market next door.  My husband and I were getting low on our Korean ramen supply.  Love being able to get vegetables that I can't usually get at the neighborhood grocery store.  I also love finding veggies that I've never seen before.  Can you tell what some of these vegetables are?

Friday, February 10, 2012

Celebrate Good Times

Some of you might already know that I recently celebrated my thirty nth birthday last month.  Of course I celebrated!!  Well, it wasn't anything fancy or extravagant this year.  Simple and low key are pretty much the words to describe my birthday weekend.  It was perfect to me.  I celebrated with my family, and was giddy to get happy birthday texts, Facebook comments, and tweets.  
Birthdays are always a time of reflection for me, going through my personal goal checklist, being thankful for what I have, and remembering those in my life that are not around anymore.  
Most of all, I wore my special tiara - everyone deserves to be a queen once a year, right?
Celebrate the little things.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

January Photo Challenge Part 4

I've been meaning to post the end of the last few pictures of the January photo challenge on Instagram.
Here's what I have for the end of the month.
Day 25 / Something I made
Day 26 / Colors
Day 27 / Dinner
Day 28 / Light

Day 29 / Inside my fridge
Day 30 / Nature
Day 31 / Me (again)

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