Monday, September 5, 2011


It was a very long week at work.  I probably put in 50 hours without knowing it, and I definitely felt it.  I needed some good food, and a good drink to ease my tired, worried, anxious self.  It was time for a trip to a Korean restaurant that I've been wanting to try for a long time.  My husband happily agreed to take me out for dinner to Yamadora Restaurant.  We were both excited to try this new place because they have tabletop grills just like those found in Korea Town in Flushing, Queens NY where we usually go with his family.  The place was very clean and very busy with customers.  Also, a sign of a good Korean restaurant is when you see Koreans eating there too!  We started with a bottle of Soju, a Korean rice wine that is served cold.  It definitely calmed the nerves after a long stressful week.  We ordered Korean fried dumplings and the piece de resistance was the Daeji Bulgogi which is a spicy pork Korean barbecue and the Kalbi/Galbi which is marinated short ribs.  Both meat dishes were cooked right on the tabletop grill in front of us by the waitstaff.  It was definitely delicious, and I loved not having to drive all the way down to New York for these tasty dishes.  Along with the main course, they also served us banchan which were small side dishes.  Some of the banchan included; gaji namul (boiled eggplant), kimchi (fermented cabbage), sigeumchi namul (parboiled spinach w/sesame oil, garlic, and soy sauce), muchae (julienned white radish with sweet vinegar sauce), along with ssamjang (bean paste), jalapeno peppers, lettuce leaves, and of course a bowl of white rice.  The whole experience was delightful, and both my husband and I were very pleased with our dining experience.  The food was great and the Soju was even better! Thank you Yamadora! Kamsamnida!

Yamadora Kalbi on the grill.

Nothing like cold Soju to end a long week.

Until next time, go do something that makes you happy!


Donna J said...

you're vivid descriptions have me drooling! i love trying new foods. i had Pho with my sister for the first time last month..i liked it. i could use some Soju right about now!

christine said...

Thanks Donna!! Pho is Pho-nomenal. Wait until you see my next food post! Soju is not for the weak, but it definitely works wonders after a long stressful week (or day). Cheers!

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