Monday, November 21, 2011

Air Plants

When my husband and I went away for our vacation last month, one of the ports of call during our cruise was Belize.  We decided to go on a tour to Altun Ha, the Mayan ruins.  It was about a forty five minute drive.  We passed Belize City and then had to go through the outskirts of Belize to get to Altun Ha.  On the way, our tour guide pointed out several plants indigenous to Belize.  One particular plant that was interesting was the snake cactus that grew on trees.  I wasn't able to take a picture when we were in the car, but this is what it looked like:

Snake cactus
Source: Flickr

These cacti are also air plants that do not rely on soil to get nutrients, but can survive on air, water, and sun.  I was so intrigued that when we got back from our vacation, I was determined to get some air plants.

There are so many places online where one can order air plants.  However, I wanted to get some from a reliable distributor.  My friend Haley from The Zen of Making was able to direct me toward the right place online which was Air Plant Supply Co.  I definitely knew that Haley knows what she's talking about because she's a pro with air plants AND she even has an air plant chandelier tutorial herself!

After a few days my package finally arrived!

The four little air plants were wrapped so carefully and labeled inside the box.
The package also came with instructions on how to care for the air plants.

These are the plants getting ready for their water bath.  I had to make sure that they were in water for about twenty minutes before I can display them.

Here are three of the smaller air plants in small votive candle holders.

I decided to put the largest air plant in a different container by itself. I searched high and low until I found the right one.  I decided to pick this one up at Ikea for a few bucks and thought it would be perfect because it clearly displays my plant and it still has holes where the air can circulate. Right now it hangs at the corner of my dining room.

These plants are just perfect for someone like me, who's constantly busy.  But even though these little plants are low maintenance, they still make a room beautiful!

Have a wonderful day!

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