Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Covered Clementine Crate Tutorial

Do you love to buy clementines at the store and don't know what to do with those crates?  Hope this post will give you the push to recycle those wooden boxes that can be used for so many things.   For this project, I've made a centerpiece or decoration out of the crate with paper flowers and a watering can with "water" sprinkled on the small garden.  Perfect for a bridal or baby shower, or just brighten up an office or a corner in a home.

You will need:
clementine crate 
burlap or any fabric you want (1/2 yard will yield for 2 crates)
hot glue gun w/glue sticks
stapler w/staples

Labeled parts of the clementine box.
Place the clementine box in the middle of the burlap.  Make sure that
all of the sides are even and that there's enough fabric to go over the panels
Cut from the corner of the burlap up to half an inch before you
get to the clementine box.  I did this for one of the short sides first
Apply hot glue between the posts.  Don't go past the posts!
Pull the burlap up making sure that it is stuck on the box.
Be careful that you don't burn your hand.
Turn the box around, working on the inside.  Cut the burlap right along
side of the posts for each side
Still working on the inside of the box,
Add hot glue to the panel and fold down the flap between the posts.
Now, do the other short end of the box.
The end result would look like this for both short ends.
Time to work on the short end corners.
Tuck the extra flap inside.
Make sure to line it with the edge of the panel, the posts showing.
Add hot glue on the panel
Fold the corner triangle of burlap over around the corner.
Make it go around the post.  It should end behind the post.
Now, do the same for the three other corners.
Now time to work on the longer sides of the crate.
Fold one corner along side of the box.
Now, do the same for the other side.  You will have an isosceles trapezoid
on the side of your box (oh man I went mathematical on you).
Put the box on it's side which will make it easier to fold down the fabric.
Add glue on the panel, and fold down the fabric making sure that the
fabric stays on the wood (watch out for the hot glue).
Put the box right side up again.  To make the folds look neat, staple on the folds.
Repeat Do this for the other side of the box. 
Et voila!! The covered clementine box.


Megan, The Frugalista Diaries said...

such a great idea, the boys would love this!

Xo Megan

Adele said...

Great result, love the rustic feel you've given to the crate!
Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
Have a fab Tuesday Hun xoxo

Stefania B. said...

ohhh this is so cute!!!! absolutely love it !!! :)

Sandy a la Mode said...

wow, great job with this girl! it looks so cute!

AM said...

Aww these are super pretty and cute! Great job!

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