Sunday, February 26, 2012

Just Get a Few Things

Stopped by the Korean store in town to pick up a few things for a special lunch with the family.  One thing I learned is that when making Korean food is that it takes some preparation and having ALL of the ingredients is a must if you want it to turn out exactly to your preference.  Plus, what's a trip to the store without pictures??

Snacks, snacks, and more snacks! Wasabi peas anyone??

Sweet cookies and cakes.  Choco-Pie is the favorite in our home.

Wall of ramen.  From spicy to soybean to curry to seafood.  They're all there.

Korean sushi called kim bap or gim bap made fresh by the store owner.  
I regretted only getting one package when I got home.  It was so good!


Anonymous said...

I wandered into a Korean grocery store with a friend last weekend and was amazed by all the goodies! That sushi looks amazing, by the way!


christine said...

So much great stuff! Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with the foods I haven't tried yet and I want to get all of them haha! The kim map was SO good! Might have to go back and get some more next weekend.

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