Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Do You Hook? Obey Crochet Wants You!

Image Source: Obey Crochet

If you like to crochet, you have to check out Obey Crochet.  This is a must!  Stephanie is the mastermind behind this website, and she does an amazing job drawing and writing about things that us crocheters often think.  Her witty drawings are "off the hook"!  If you're a crocheter, you'll get it.  Plus, she has an online shop with her fabulous drawings on t-shirts and bags for that serious yarn lover.  Which by the way, one of the bags was recently featured in the March 2012 Crochet Today Magazine.  If you follow on Twitter or like her page on Facebook, you might catch her at the right time when she's giving away some Obey Crochet temporary tattoos or buttons.  Score!

Whether you like to crochet, dabble, live it, and/or breathe it there's a wall for us in Obey Crochet Hooktopia.  For more information on how you'd like to be on the wall among the famous "hookers" please click HERE

This is the collage of photos I sent.  I wanted to go all out, can you tell?
I was pretty much channeling my inner Madonna/Lady Gaga.
"can't read my, can't ready my, crochet face"

I wonder if it's too late to send this in?

 I hope that you get to check out the page or say HI to Stephanie because she is one pretty cool chick! Crochet 4 Life!


richelle jean said...

haha cute! my sister is a "hooker" too! i love the owl :)

christine said...

Thanks Richelle! It took me a while to send my picture to Obey Crochet because I kept on thinking up of things to make i.e. bow, wrist warmers, etc. It was fun but I'm not so sure that my dog felt the same way haha! Send your sister over to! BTW thanks for stopping by :)

Love Sparkle Pretty said...

Haha this is adorable! :) Thanks for finding my blog because I love yours! :D
-Kayla from Love Sparkle Pretty

christine said...

Kayla, thanks for following and for liking my blog! Your blog is pretty awesome, so glad to have found it on the Blog Hop!!

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