Friday, May 25, 2012

Saoco Time

Exactly a week ago, my very good friend and I wanted to hang out for happy hour.
We decided to go somewhere we've never been to, but was close to where we lived.
Both craving for some good comfort food and some adult beverages after a long work week,
we ended up going to a Columbian/Spanish Restaurant called Saoco
[means "something outstanding" or it could also mean a specific beverage].
My friend and I were so happy that we went to this "new to us" restaurant.  We were both so pleased with the food, the drinks, dessert, atmosphere, and service.  When everything is excellent, the whole experience makes it more memorable!  It also means that we order one more extra drink.

The empanadas were yummy and crispy filled with potatoes and spicy beef.  It was served with spicy hot sauce, which I could really drink because it was THAT good.

The platter of chicaron, platano, and arepa were good too with the spicy sauce.  This is not for the faint of heart or for those counting calories because chicharon is practically a thick slab of bacon fried.  Not something I eat all the time, but I do enjoy it when I do.  No judging folks!

My friend and I ordered garlic chicken and shrimp.  Super flavorful and delicious.  Served with beans and white rice.  Have to have both when eating Spanish food!

We ordered passion fruit and mango mojitos.  It was TOO GOOD.  We had one of each.
Tres leches.  If you don't know what it is, look it up.  You'll want one ASAP!

My friend and I pretty much stayed at the restaurant for a few hours.  We lost track chatting but most of all enjoying our experience at Saoco.  We plan on going back to try the other dishes in the menu and we already can't wait!

Since this weekend is a long weekend, I plan on relaxing and enjoying the extra day off.
I hope you all enjoy your weekend!!


LyddieGal said...

ohhhh i love spanish.... i want to go here now! everything sounds so good!
Chic on the Cheap

Ms. Kelly said...

Oh Saoco. The pics made me want it more. Great article.

Laura Go said...

MANGO MOJITOS!!!! YES! You finally got one! The food in this place looks FABULOUS! Yum.

♥ laura
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Eli said...

All of this looks so yummy!! I wish there were more Latin food restaurants in SF that aren't Mexican food (I've eaten Mexican food all my life and want to branch out!) You've made me hungry!!

Bonnie said...

Ohemgeeeeee, don't tempt me with this amazingness. I'm hungry all over again!
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