Friday, May 4, 2012

Wahlburgers Got the Right Stuff

While in Massachusetts visiting my friends, they told me so much about Wahlburgers.  A burger place opened and owned by the three Wahlberg brothers.  Yea, you might know two of them Donnie (NKOTB), Mark (The Departed)?  There's Paul who is a well known chef who pretty much manages Wahlburgers and their other restaurant Alma Nove also located in Hingham Shipyard (he gave the kiddos a high five as he passed by!).  Of course I wanted to go!! I am a huge fan of burgers and the Wahlbergs!  I pretty much made sure that I went with an appetite.  At first I thought of getting a portabello burger, but my friend convinced me that since it was my fist time I had to get a "burgah" with her cute Massachusetts accent (love ya Ping).  And so I succumbed to the BBQ Bacon Burger, and was very glad that I did.  Totally worth it.  The burger was yummy and so were the sweet potato tots, fries, and onion rings.  Had to top it off with a creamy coffee frappe (milkshake).  This is not something I eat all the time, so I had to get the full experience.  Went with a bang!  Since my husband wasn't able to make the trip with me there will be a next time Wahlburgers.  I promise.
Located in Hingham Shipyard, this little burger place was packed
I was excited  to be in line as if I was going to a NKOTB concert.
So many choices.  There's also turkey, salmon, and portabello burgers.
The brothers' resume on the WAHL?
As if I was 13 again.  Yes, I added the heart on photo edit.
I went all out. Burger, fries, and a coffee milkshake!
I had the BBQ Bacon Burger which is Donnie's choice!
I love that their menu is an ode to their old neighborhood Dorchestahhh! 
After the burgers we were tempted to get some cupcakes at the C Cups cupcake truck.
We settled with Red Mango frozen yogurt.  I just got some cause the kids wanted M&Ms.


my thrifty closet said...

ahh...this restaurant looks like heaven for my husband and kids. They love burgers, when my son and husband went to US last year they have pizza and burgers almost everyday for two weeks. And when my son came back he said he didn't have enuff. The burger look really tantalising. I like the cheezy sauce and ketchup that is oozing out from the sides.


Courtney Erin said...

I so want to go there too...the name of the place makes me chuckle.

Courtney ~

Alex Elizabeth said...

Wahlburgers... hahahahaa. That burger looks pretty amazing! Bacon... yum. I'd go all out, too!

HailesHeartsFashion said...

It looks like such a fancy burger place. My cousin would be so jealous, she just went to see NKOTB & BSB in London! Your burger looks so yummy, all I've eaten today is half a grapefruit :P (its 3:23pm!)

Really want to visit America! So many places I want to go and reading blogs from all over the world only makes me travel obsession worse!


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HailesHeartsFashion said...

ALSO, I managed to get the post: Top Tips from Bloggers Lips - Part 1 on IFB!!! Just thought you would want to know (I have told the others).


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Amanda Raborn said...

That looks AMAZZZINNNGGG! Not EVEN fair! That bacon..... YUM!

Loved your comment on my blog! I have the loafers in leopard, as well as black! I think I might be going for a red pair pretty soon as well :)

That fact that you look that cute for that amount of money isn't even fair! GREAT finds! Love keeping up with your blog. Have a great weekend,

It's an Easy Life

Kate said...

red mango frozen yoghurt sounds absolutely delicious!

Bonnie said...

We don't have one of these around here. How sad! It looks good.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Annie said...

Ahh so cool - need to check this place out!

The Other Side of Gray

Hogger and Co. said...

You didn't tell me these were run by DONNIE and MARK!!! NOO WAY!! I would have tagged along, secretly hidden, in the trunk of your car.
Seriously, how awesome is this. I want to go to there.
Looks like you went "Wahls" Out. hahaha, get it??
Balls out...wahls out...

Fashion Lookbook said...


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