Friday, July 27, 2012


The husband and I pride ourselves in being loyal customers to our favorite restaurants.  However this past week we ventured off to the next town over and went to a fairly new Indian restaurant named Cumin.  The building used to be an IHOP restaurant, you know with the famous blue roof.  Outside may be deceiving, but inside it is totally transformed into a cozy and warm interior instead of the typical chain restaurant decor that it used to be.  As for the food, we were pretty impressed with the selection but we managed to order our "usuals".  

I love chicken tikka masala "hot".  I like the extra kick.  Not so much that I'm sweating bullets but enough where I need to take sips of water in between.  Our orders came with white fluffy basmati rice. 

My husband ordered the chicken tikka (he usually orders the chicken chili).  He ordered it "hot" - surprising because he usually likes it "extra hot" yea the sweating bullets kind of hot.  I guess he wanted to see and gauge the spiciness for his first experience.  He might have to order it "extra extra hot" next time.  Of course Indian food to me is not complete with it's extra carb on the side - garlic naan bread.  This unleavened bread is soft and fluffy and perfect to soak up all of the sauce.   Overall it was a pleasant experience.  Now, I don't know if this place tops my all time favorite Indian restaurant in New Haven but it definitely is comparable!
Do you Yelp?


Amber said...

mmm that food looks really really good.

Closet Fashionista said...

That bread looks so good!!! :)
I hate packed theatres too, which is why i NEVER go to the movies, the last time was probably a year ago, ha ha... but I HAD to see this and luckily there weren't many people in the theatre :)

ijinku said...

Chicken tikka is the best, oh and some naan yummy..

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