Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Green

Last minute plans always work out well especially when hanging out with Lydia and Megan.  We had some delicious pizza and you know, a few outfit photos at the green since the sun was still out.  After pizza, we did some window shopping (and maybe picked up a few little things) and some ice cream!

[I'm not sure if you know how much I love Modern Apizza.  A lot....ever since I had one of my birthdays there in high school.  We go way back.  I am excited anytime I have a chance to have some eggplant pizza, even though the parking in the area is just painful.  Just a little note: Adam Richman of Man vs. Food did a segment there when he aired a show about New Haven, and he tweeted back to me!]
New Haven - Christine-8
shirt: zac & rachel / jeans: vigoss / watch: fossil / necklace: elizajaycharm
New Haven - Christine-5
leather cuff: tjmaxx
New Haven - Christine
studded heels: steve madden
New Haven - Christine-1
bag: plato's closet
Photos courtesy of Lydia


LyddieGal said...

Oh that is very cool!

and even though the parking is awful, at least we got a spot in the parking lot and made it out unscathed. Totally worth it for that amazing pizza though.

Closet Fashionista said...

Woohooo for blogger nights! :D
How fun that he tweeted you, I always love getting tweets from celebs/famous people, haha

Sunny & Star said...

I am so craving pizza right now.

You have what sound like the funnest blogger meet ups. I love your handbag.


Hogger + Co. said...

Those heels are beautiful - do they hurt? I feel like my feet hurt in general, these days!
Love the shirt, too.

sepatuholic said...

In love with the blouse and the bag.... Great outfit dear,.....

Alexandra Shook said...

Ohh I like these heels! That pizza looks good. I've never had eggplant pizza... have to give it a try sometime!

Nnenna said...

Mmm, Modern pizza is so yummy. Aww, this pictures make me miss the Green and New Haven!

star-crossed smile

Elisse said...

Spontaneous and last minute get togethers are the best! I love your smile in the outfit photos here! I have yet to have a Twitter fan-girl moment - lucky you!

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