Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Last week I decided that it was time to go visit my new favorite Korean restaurant Midori again.  I am a creature of habit, and tend to order the same thing all the time at all the restaurants or take out spots.  Some places know me by name because of my orders.  I did order the bi bim bap again, BUT I did order something totally different and new! Wanted an appetizer that I've never had before.  I looked up and down the menu and noticed "Inari - sushi rice in tofu".  Hmmm.  It sounded very interesting.  To my surprise it was delicious!  It was packaged with the usual sushi condiments such as wasabi, pickled ginger, and soy sauce.  It's pretty much a fried tofu pocket filled with seasoned sushi rice and sprinkled with sesame seeds.  If you're watching your carb intake, this wouldn't be a dish for you.  However, if you're daring but not so daring (you know what I mean) as far as sushi is concerned, Inari is a great place to start.  This stuff is pretty tame compared to other sushi or sashimi varieties.  If you've had it before, or just tried it
for the first time feel free to post a comment!

Fun Fact: Inarizushi is known as brown bag sushi; 
the name of a Shinto spirit; 
a mountain in Japan where it has the main Shinto site of Inari, 

Until next time..
Go try something new!

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