Friday, November 16, 2012

Sunshine Award

You like really like me! (had to do it)
I am truly honored that I've received the Sunshine Award!  I hope that my blog and I have been some kind of ray of sunshine to you folks (awww!) as much as your support and comments have been to me.  Thank you to Alex of Delayed Missives for considering that my blog is worthy of such a great nomination.   Please make sure to check out her blog full of fashion and fun things she gets to do in NYC.  She even has a section called "Letters to Friends" where she dedicates a post to a fellow blogger...yep and I'm one of them!  

Award Rules:
1. Include the award logo in a post and/or on your blog sidebar.
2. Link to the blogger who nominated you.
3. Answer 10 questions about yourself.
4. Nominate 10 other fabulous bloggers and ask them 10 questions.
5. Link to your nominees in your post and let them know about the reward.

Questions that Alex asked all of the Sunshine Award recipients:

1.  Gryffindor or Slytherin?
Team Harry Potter all the way AKA Gryffindor!
                                                                                Source: via Jodi on Pinterest

2. Cupcakes or cookies?
I have a sweet tooth so I would love either one - but a great piped frosting and a
perfect moist cake just melts my heart.

3.  Gold or silver?
I've always been a silver fan, just recently warming up to gold.

4.  Dresses or pants?
Dresses definitely make me feel more "put together" and feminine...
not that I look like a hot mess otherwise!!

5. Lace or studs?
I'm in love with lace, I think it's just timeless.

6. J.Crew or Zara?
There aren't any Zara stores nearby but I've been found
drooling over their wares in their online store.

7.  Wedges or heels?
I like both, but these knees aren't like how they used to be.
Wedges give me more support compared to heels.

8. Google or Bing?
I Google everything.

9. Eggs Benedict or Belgian waffles?
Here's a story for you all.  When I was in high school I worked at a breakfast place for a several weekends.  It was hard work but good money for a high schooler.  I bused tables, boiled potatoes, cut potatoes, cleaned veggies, and made Belgian waffles.  I can't even tell you how many Belgian waffles I made in one day.  I burned my hands a few times and would often come home with my hands aching and sore.  To this day I cannot have a Belgian waffle.  A regular waffle - maybe.  No Belgian waffles for me.  Sooooo...I prefer Eggs Benedict.
                                                                      Source: via Madelene on Pinterest

10. Downton Abbey or The Walking Dead?
I've never watched either show.  However Downton Abbey is more up my alley (yea, I rhymed what?what?).  I've been meaning to rent it or watch it online - I will one day though.

I am giving the Sunshine Award to the following:
Megan of Closet Fashionista
Courtney of Sartorial Sidelines
Annie of The Other Side of Gray
Gina of Hiya Luv
Andrea of Bubblewrappd
Smita of Hogger & Co
Drea of ...So She Writes
Elisse of Furelisse
Tracy of Sunny Days & Starry Nights
Tara of Tara Dara Made It

My questions are:
1.  When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
2. What is your favorite city?
3. Oprah or Martha Stewart?
4. If you were going to be stranded in an island what is something
that you would want to take with you?
5. Favorite place to shop?
6. If you were awarded a million dollars what would be the first thing you'd purchase?
7.  Cats or dogs?
8. What is something that you cherish the most?
9. Favorite holiday?
10. Planes, trains, automobiles, or boats?

Wishing everyone a happy Friday!  


Sunny & Star said...

Thank you so much Christine. I will be answering your questions and doing a post on this this weekend.

I hope you have a great Friday.


LyddieGal said...

Congrats on the award - I can't imagine never wanting a belgian waffle again!
Chic on the Cheap

Gina Phillips said...

Thanks so much! I am so honored to be listed with these other amazing ladies:) I will work on my sunshine post soon! :)gina

Eli said...

So crazy to say that I just started reading the Harry Potter series for the first time in my life (and I'm a librarian!). I started a month or two ago and just started the third book :)

Annie said...

Aw thanks for the nomination :) And I love your answers...such fun questions!

The Other Side of Gray

Nnenna said...

Congrats on the award! I enjoyed reading your answers and that picture in #2 is totally making my mouth water!

Laura Go said...

I would totally HATE belgian waffles too if I had that job. YOU MUST WATCH DOWNTON ABBEY and WALKING DEAD. They're both really great!
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights
the shop of worldly delights

Closet Fashionista said...

Oops, realized I never replied to this ;) Congrats on getting the award
(woohoo for Gryffindors)

Alex Elizabeth said...

I'm so glad you decided to pass this along to ten more awesome bloggers! I have to confess to adoring Harry, but I'm a Slytherin through and through.

Elisse said...

i'm behind on my blog commenting, but thank you for this award! I was a silver-only girl for awhile, but am in love with gold!

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