Saturday, March 3, 2012

Thrift Tour With My BFF

Years ago...In high school, my best friend and I used to frequent the thrift stores in the downtown area.  That's where we got a lot of our fab finds of t-shirts, Levi's, Girbaud jeans, wool sweaters, and maybe some mugs that we had to have because you can't have too many mugs!  Back to present time in 2012.  After a few fashion changes throughout college and after college, from platforms and wide legged pants, flares and tube tops? I would like to say that we've evolved and have found the love of classics with vintage mixed with modern.  We wanted to go back to our roots of thrifting to see what was out there and to test if we still "got it".  First, I had to get a few things ready before our trip.  

Recipe for a good thrift tour:
1. Having the right bag only for necessities so you can move around.  Carrying around a big bulky bag can get tiring plus some stores won't allow them inside.  

2. Hand sanitizer and lotion for after each store, because thrifting can leave hands icky.  

3. Snacks and water to hydrate and re-fuel for in between stores.  If you're going to more than one store, have it handy just in case!  You don't want to be hungry and grumpy when shopping.  In my case I get hungry + angry = hAngry!  Also, if you need! 

4.  Map or list with the stores you want to go to on your tour.  Are you going to your usual stops?  Are you checking out new places that are out of the way?  If you have time, do some research online to see where you're going, see what's around like restaurants or maybe non thrift stores that you'd like to check out.  Mapping out where to go is key because you can get easily lost on the highway just as you can get lost in the numerous aisles at the store.

5. Bring a friend.  Having someone there to check up on you and your finds is always good, especially someone who really knows you.  They can let you know if it's a good find or if it's going to make you look granny-ish.

6. Budget.  If you want to.  I usually don't have one because it's really a fraction of the price of shopping at the mall. But like what my friend says "whatever helps you sleep at night".

7. Patience and time.  If you've gone thrifting you already know that you definitely need both to go through the racks of clothes.  There's times where you might go through them more than once, maybe twice just to make sure you've seen everything.  

8. Positive attitude.  If you're grumpy and negative and think you won't find won't.

9. Be flexible.  Plans change so it's really important to be open and follow #8.

10. Fun.  It's all about fun.  The thrill of finding something precious.  The hunt for treasures!

Did I miss anything?!

The Thrift Tour Begins:
My friend Latrina and I headed out with her three year old in tow mid morning.  It was a rainy and dreary day.  We had BIG plans.  Big I tell you!! Of going south about 45 minutes on the highway to go thrifting deep in the suburbs.  We got on the highway.  We were ready with our list.  However, with the crappy weather and her little one in the back seat we both decided that it was probably better to stay local.  So we detoured to the next exit ramp.  Plus, we've been dying to go to our usual Mexican restaurant, which happened to be very close to our first thrift store.  Perfect!!

Store #1 
This is where we got the most treasures, and where we spent the most time.  Needless to say, we had so much that we really, really, really had to justify each piece of item before cashing out.  I'm pretty happy with what I found though.

Navy blue tops to fulfill my current obsession with the color blue.  
A pleated and a polka dotted one.

Wool sport coat/blazer.  I think my favorite find.  I think. Maybe.
Funky bandage looking top.  I might do some altering to the sleeves.

Leather clutch in what else, blue.  Check out the clasp!!

Store #2
After the Mexican restaurant, we were definitely full.  We needed to go somewhere to walk off our lunch.   This was more of a consignment store rather than a thrift store.  Some of the brands are more familiar so the prices were a little higher, plus the place was packed.  Still, the shopper in me found some pieces.  Some I saw the last time I was there, so it was destined to be a purchase.

Short brown skirt and sequined tank, both still had original tags.  Score!

I don't know what it was.  If it was the adrenaline from shopping at the previous store, or what.  Somehow I HAD to get this.  It's very different, but something about the wallpapery design and envelope style made me want to get it because "I need it?".

Store #3
By this time, my friend had to go home with her little one who fell asleep after store #2.  I still had some energy in me so I went off to my last and final store. 

A super large orange top because I have visions of re-designing it.  I'll post when I do.
Another blazer/boyfriend jacket.

As you can see I pretty much lost my steam toward the end the thrift tour.  Now it's time to take my purchases to the cleaners and do some laundry.  Can't wait to add these to my wardrobe!  
Do you like to go thrifting?  What's the most stores you can go to in one day? Do tell!


Rollolollo said...

wow i love every piece you bought! the blazers and the clutch are beautiful. following u.

SymbioticLife said...

I don't know how many stores I can hit in a day. I usually run out of open hours before I run out of steam. Goodness. What does that say about me ??? lol. I'm loving the wool blazer as well and that flowered clutch. All of what you found were really good finds overall.

HailesHeartsFashion said...

Great post :) your header is AMAZING btw.

I love going thrift shopping (or charity shopping as we call it here in the UK) I haven't been in such a long time. The things you have found are amazing but you are in a much more stylish part of the world than me :)

Thanks for the comment on my blog!


simplyvonne said...

I really love that blazer!!!!! wow what a great find! I do go once in awhile, i love looking through the kitchen stuff when I do thrift!

Courtney Erin said...

You're like the thrifting queen! I love all the stuff you found!

Courtney ~

Sandy a la Mode said...

oh my gosh - i want BOTH of those blazers you found!!! you have to come thrifting with me!!!

CoffeeBreakCrn said...

Lol. Great advice! I could spend all day in a thrift store. You have to really dig to find those amazing items. I guess people are hiding it. hehe

Loveee the blue clutch. I want one.

LyddieGal said...

Um, we definitely need to plan a thrift tour!
I love your dots, sequins and cute grey blazer!

I usually just got to my little circle of stores in my town, two thrift stores, two consignment shops - since they are small and I go often, I usually only take 10-20 minutes in each.

Chic on the Cheap

Molly ♥ said...

Great post, I love the last blazer. You scored some awsome finds.

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