Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Auntie's Vintage Boutique

If you've seen my posts over the months, I've rediscovered some pieces that I've saved over the past few years that used to be my aunt's back in the day.  I knew that one day I would be able to wear it.  I even posted some of the things I've acquired on this blog post from February.
Recently I've been getting more and more vintage wares from my aunt that were on it's way to Goodwill and have found their way to lucky 'ol me!  Some I am able to wear as is, and some have to be altered just a tiny bit, and some have to be completely refashioned.  Some dresses were even made by my great aunt in the Philippines which makes it more special that I am able to wear it.  When people ask me where I bought something that used to be hers, I would say that it's vintage, or even better I'd say that it's from my Auntie's Vintage Boutique.
I took some pictures and pretty much focused on the fabric because of how beautiful they are and some I've never seen such patterns before.  I'm so lucky to have an auntie who is willing to give me all of her vintage clothes and be able to add it to my wardrobe collection [to my husband's dismay].  Don't even get started with all of the shoes she gave me!! Flats galore!! Will be posting them soon too!
These are the legs of pajama bottoms that someone gave my aunt, which she never wore.  I think this fabric would be
a great skirt.  Don't you think?
This is a sweater dress with a drawstring tie on the waist.  Perfect for a fall day with some boots.
A shirt dress with some crazy flowery pattern on nave blue background.
A skirt with hints of purple, gold, red, olive, and black.  Not sure if it's going to stay as a skirt or turned into a dress?
One of my great aunt's creations.  Look at the fabric made from pineapple fibers.
I still have to get it cleaned at a trusty dry cleaners.
Another one of my great aunt's creations, this time with yellow lining.  Still have to get it cleaned.
Where can I wear this?
A crocheted top that can be worn with a boat neck or v-neck.  Works either way.  Seen on this blog post.
A ruffly skirt with fabric made from India.  I just love the pattern and colors.


Courtney Erin said...

The fabrics are just gorgeous, so rich and pretty.

Courtney ~

Megan said...

These fabrics are amazing. Pineapple fibers?! How amazing! I love the one with the yellow underlay, so pretty.

Hogger and Co. said...

Oh my, lucky you. Can't wait to see these fully. And tell us about the shoooooes.

Alex Elizabeth said...

Wow, these fabrics are beautiful. I'd wear them anywhere!

Annie said...

Such gorgeous patterns - you could definitely do a lot with them!

The Other Side of Gray

my thrifty closet said...

wow...what a great collection of clothes from your aunt...priceless! Any chance of an outfit post?


Camelia said...

Those materials are lovely! I especially like the lace. You have a lovely blog! :)

Jules M said...

Pretty materials and colors ;)

wool pins and vintage things from Saracarol Makes... said...

just popped by to say hello have really enjoyed reading your blog its lovely

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