Thursday, August 2, 2012

Giving Handmade

So my friend is going to have her baby very soon.  I finally put together a little package before their bundle of joy comes.  I went to her whale themed baby shower a month ago and I figured I wanted to go along with this theme, being that it's also the nursery theme.  I sewed up some whale softies: a dark blue and polka dotted one (which were on her baby shower invites too) and ordered other handmade goodies from Etsy.  Do you like giving handmade gifts to friends and family??
Polka dotty whale handmade by me.  
Dark blue whale...this one was a little trickier to sew compared to the other (for whatever reason).
Whales that color coordinate together, stick together.  Aww.
Mommy to be took a picture of the whales in the room.  So adorable!
Whale necklace made by Laonato. How perfect for the mom-to-be!
Custom made cassette band onesie by Little Atoms.   


Amanda said...

We loved all our gifts! You're the best :)

katie said...

oh my goodness...those are all so adorable!! :)

Eli said...

back when I had time to DIY, I would sew friends pillows!! Typically now, I give books at baby showers, it's easy when you're a librarian!

Bonnie said...

Awwwww. those gifts are too cute! :)
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Priscilla said...

Your Blog is cute ♥
If you have time you can also check out my blog,
I just shared Buck the Bank Holiday I would love to hear your comment about the shoes.. Thanks Dear


Gina Phillips said...

oh my word!! those whales are so fun!!!

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