Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Celebration Options

My big day is coming up, and I've yet to decide what I'll be doing to celebrate.  So many options came up from some of you on my last post about my Birthday month.  I really should decide soon just in case reservations should be made...or I can really just wing it.

Birthday option1
 by delachic on Polyvore
I'd be happy with some yummy pizza from my favorite pizzeria on the other side of town with some movies and a cold one...and some cake.

Birthday option2
 by delachic on Polyvore
My husband and I have been talking about going to one of the local wineries.  Maybe this would be a great opportunity to go try some CT made Pinot Grigio..and some cake.

Birthday option 3
 by delachic on Polyvore
Even though my little abode may only fit a handful of people, I could invite some friends for some apps and sangria..and some cake.

Birthda option4
 by delachic on Polyvore
Birthday time is always a great excuse to try out one of the fancy restaurants nearby.  I love itty bitty skewered meats, dim lighting, strong cocktails...and some cake.

Other options not included: karaoke, bowling, brunch, shopping, and spa time.  Honestly I'd be happy with any of the long as there's you know what....cake!!


Closet Fashionista said...

You know what I would pick ;) (couchhhh) I hope whatever you decide to do you have an amazing time!
(and yes, it's a different version of the skirt that my mom made with the extra fabric. i've worn that version more than the long one)

Marz said...

It's only 9 AM but I'm CRAVING some cake now! There's nothing like birthday cake :) All of those sound like a fun way to celebrate your special day. I can't wait to see which one you decide on! Happy Birthday Month!

Laura Go said...

I want to have a party for mine, but I can't since it falls on a Monday and I don't like celebrating on days that aren't my birthday. So it may just be a movie and dinner with close friends for me!
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Elle Sees said...

I found your blog via megan's, and wanted to share mine because it's full of Beauty DIys like the ones posted! Please stop by.

I love the idea of a birthday month! I keep suggesting this to friends and family every year and they've yet to do it! ;)

LyddieGal said...

haha, well you've got your priorities straight anyway! Now as for this cake, will your husband make it, will you, or will it be done by a bakery?

Sunny & Star said...

I think you should take a day and do each of these options and really live it up.


Megan, said...

i think we got take out this past year! Xo Megan,

Alex Elizabeth said...

You could do all of the above... and make a week of it! It would be fun, but possibly exhausting.

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