Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Birthdays and Banana Wontons

Going to New York City is always a good time.
Since it was a beautiful day for a drive, it was even better.
There's so many places to check out in the city, but I haven't really had the
chance to explore that much of it.  It's all good.  There's always next time!
Da Bridge...George Washington Bridge
Chelsea Piers
Chelsea - West Siiiiiiide
Have to get some hot molten chocolate dumplings at Rickshaw
at the Flatiron District.
My sister and I went to our cousin's little three year old's birthday party.  Yes, a room full of more that twenty toddlers running and jumping around!! After and hour and a half, I was pretty exhausted.  They are balls of cuteness and lots of energy.  Phew!  It's not a party without favors, right?  I HAD to make favors for this party... ok, I didn't have to.  However, since I started this tradition last year, I had to do it again this year!
This was last year's owl favor for little Maya.
Since this year's party was a science theme,
I thought beaker softies would be the perfect addition to the goodie bags!
My weekend ended with some shopping, and an early dinner with the husband.
Fried banana wontons for dessert!
Then, finally since we had a wonderful meal and a decadently sinful dessert....
we ended the day by joining a new gym!  How was your weekend?

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Courtney Erin said...

I love day trips to NYC - always such a fun time.

Courtney ~

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