Friday, September 21, 2012

Here Apizza There Apizza

I usually associate Fridays with pizza.  Maybe it's from when I was in elementary school and used to have the school lunch which was always the mass produced frozen rectangle pizza on Fridays.  Now that I'm way past my elementary school days,  pizza is associated with happy hour or maybe just the end of a long work week and I don't feel like making anything and it's the one of the easiest things to get for dinner all wrapped up in a flat box. 
Anyway, there's so many places in New Haven who claim to be the best pizza in town.  Some may have their favorite pizzeria around the corner from them, and some will trek across town just to have a slice.  Either way, there's so many to choose from if you're ever around.  In a small area near downtown is a little section where there's two pizzerias that have been "battling" over the decades whether who's the best.  There's Sally's and there's Pepe's.  Whatever the story may be, I have always gone to Pepe's. 
They go way back.
I cannot comment on Sally's pizza because I've never been there.  However, to me Pepe's never disappoints.  Even with the long wait and the long lines that start even before they open, people still flock there to have their "famous" pizza.  I've been told by the girl behind the counter that people will travel to Pepe's and sometimes take "to go" to a whole other level - like bringing it on a plane to California. 
THE brick oven.
Making the pies.
On my most recent trip to the pizzeria, I ordered five large pizzas to go and drove 45 minutes to get to my destination at a family gathering, the car smelled of cheese and sauce, and all the various toppings but it was still just as good as if we ate it at the restaurant.  Have you ever had Pepe's? What's your take?  Are you team Sally's or Pepe's?  Will you be having pizza today?


Courtney Erin said...

I'm a Modern girl myself - always preferred it to Pepe's and Sally's. Wow, I totally miss New Haven pizza now...

Courtney ~

LyddieGal said...

Haha, I'm with Courtney!
Don't get my wrong, I love Pepe's too, and I've stood in that line many a time, but Modern's eggplant pizza just puts me in heaven.

Chic on the Cheap

NPRMommy said...

Totally Team Pepe's!!!!!! (Although if i'm craving eggplant pizza, Pepe's doesn't have it...then i go to Modern)

Closet Fashionista said...

Mmmm pizza! :D I always associate friday with pizza too, how funny! :D
I've never been to either and I'm sure I wouldn't care which I had, ha ha...because I like thick crusted pizza and those aren't :p

livlovelaugh said...

mmmmm pizza


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