Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Two Sides of Queens

A few weekends ago, my husband and I brought my MIL to Kennedy Airport in Queens.  We thought this was a great opportunity to spend some time in Korea Town where we had lunch and did some grocery shopping.  First of all, the weather was being very odd.  We thought that it would only rain, but turns out that a tornado or water spout landed in Brooklyn that day the same time we were there.  We didn't see anything that resembled a swirling funnel, but from my pictures we should have known at the time that something was brewing.
The sun peeking through.
Something's brewing.
Whitestone Bridge on the way to JFK.

If you've seen my older post about K-Town, you'll know what kind of trip it is...a lot of eating.  Usually we take the trip with my MIL, however this time it was just hubby and I.  The food was quite overwhelming, more than usual.  We still managed to clear up most of it, though.

Several side dishes that went along with our barbecue.
After our trip to the grocery store and picked up some mochi, Korean Doritos (hubby HAD to get them), cucumber kimchi, and other Korean condiments we were prepared to head back home.  We somehow missed a turn to get on the highway and were headed toward the other end of Queens, NY.  As a last minute change we decided to go to Woodside where there's a small section of Filipino restaurants and bakeries.  We've never been so we thought, might as well go!  Plus, it was perfect timing because I was craving for a dessert. 

Jollibee is a common fast food chain in the Philippines and is finally in the East Coast!
What a great road trip!  Do you like going for a drive?  Taking a map and just saying "I'm going there today"?


simplyvonne said...

I love korean food! i can eat the little side dishes all day!!!!!

Amber said...

yeah those clouds look pretty ominous but the pics are so pretty.

Courtney Erin said...

Wow, those storm photos are all kinds of crazy!

Courtney ~

Annie said...

Those photos came out great - love the look of a stormy sky :)

The Other Side of Gray

Alex Elizabeth said...

I've never been to K-Town in Queens! It's on my list though because I feel like it's the real K-Town. I don't speak Hangul though, which I've heard can be kind of a problem.

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