Monday, April 9, 2012

My Week in Pictures 2.0

1 three little pigs the previous week, then a big bad wolf this week
2 vintage crocheted top courtesy of auntie's closet
3 someone from work discovered my obsession with CME; started the weekend off w/a bang
4 started long weekend with an espresso martini
5 an espresso martini isn't complete without arugula pizza
6 a seafood fest with my family
7 road trip to queens
8 a visit at a Korean restaurant for some barbecue
9 chocolate wasted.  who wants to do an intervention?

Just looking at these pictures makes me realize that I've been indulging way too much in a span of a few days.  I guess I'll be hitting the gym pretty hard and going back to my weekly regimen of healthy eating starting like, NOW!


my thrifty closet said...

cute pictures ...who can resist yummy chocolate eggs for easter? Ahh! I like that big bad it felt? Nice crochet top..I am crazy about crochet things wish I have more time to learn crochet. I like your crochet works by the way


Bonnie said...

I spy chocolate eggs -- Yum! I hope you had a great Easter.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

LyddieGal said...

looks like it was a great week - loving the mini eggs!
Chic on the Cheap

AM said...

Those chocolate eggs are my absolute fav!!!

christine said...

Yep, I definitely can't resist yummy chocolate eggs. I can't! I made the big bad wolf out of felt and glued it on craft foam sheet for structure and flexibility. Thanks for your wonderful comment about my crochet work :)

christine said...

Thanks for stopping by Bonnie!

christine said...

Lydia - definitely a great week with mini eggs

christine said...

I'm obsessed with them!!

Tori said...

Love the collage! I would document my week but I'm scared of what it will entail... junk food, bums in LA and a messy kitchen :D

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