Monday, December 24, 2012

Made It: Holiday Wreath

I had some extra plastic ornaments hanging around from an old wreath that I made a few years ago.  Needless to say, it pretty much fell apart when I took it out of storage and I had a whole bag of the plastic gold balls.  I've seen a lot of yarn covered ornaments all over the place, so I thought it was the next best thing to make since I had all of the materials on hand.

plastic ball ornaments
wreath shape
1 1/2 felt strips
glue gun w/ glue sticks
wired ribbon (optional)


First off, make sure that you cover your work space with newspaper because it can get very messy.  
I covered some of the balls with different types and colors of yarn.  You can cover them however you want, but I started a spiral in the middle of the ball and went from there.  It got a little tricky towards the end but that part of the ornament will be glued on to the wreath anyway.


I cut strips of felt and covered the wreath shape.  The wreath shape that I had was made of willow and it wasn't smooth, so adding the felt would make it easier to glue the balls on to the wreath.  


Start gluing the ornaments on the wreath making sure that the smooth part is showing.  Make sure to alternate the different types and colors of ornaments.


Once it looks like you might be done, there might be little gaps in between. 
I took a piece of newspaper and made a small ball out of it and covered it with yarn.
I made a few of these "fillers" and put them wherever there were gaps on the wreath.


You can keep it simple or add a ribbon.  Since I had some glittery ribbon I used it for hanging purposes.
I also made a bow and added it on the top.

I hope that you're done with all of your crafting endeavors before the big day...or at least close to being done.  Happy Holidays!


LyddieGal said...

that is adorable and so clever!
I feel like I had no time for any crafting - getting presents wrapped was challenge enough!
Chic on the Cheap

Micaela said...

i love it! i hope you had the merriest christmas :)

Elisse said...

I love this idea - it looks so good!

I didn't have time to make a wreath this year, but I really like this idea! Guess that's what I'll do for next Christmas!

Lorena said...

How pretty !
It looks amazing -- and simple to do :)

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