Friday, December 7, 2012

Where I'm From II

I don't remember when the last time I went to the Peabody Museum, but I had the chance to go this week.  I think I might have to go again because I wasn't able to see much of it.  As I drove through the downtown area, I realized I really should spend more time there and maybe do some more Christmas shopping at the usual shops.  It's just that the parking can be a pain.  I'll have to get over that one of these days if I want to get some gifts checked off my list!  
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Courtney Erin said...

I made sure I took some time to visit the Peabody before I left New Haven - it's such a great place!

Courtney ~

Milex said...


LyddieGal said...

I have not been to that museum since elementary school. but sometimes it best to leave the memory alone.

i had the most amazing time at the boston science museum as a kid. when i went back a few years ago i was totally underwhelmed and was stuck trying to think what had made it so wonderful.

Jessica said...

Nice photos!!
Would you like to follow each other on facebook? Let me know!

The Fashion Heels

Closet Fashionista said...

So much fun! I've actually never been there, I'll have to do it at some point

Melissa V said...

Love this! would love to visit more museums myself but it's hard to find the time! x

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